About Turkey

  • How to marry in Turkey if you are a foreigner?

    Only civil marriages are registered in Turkey legally. You can have a religious ceremony if you want but it will have no legal power in Turkey. The Turkish legislation allows to perform marriage between two foreigners as well as between a Turk and a foreigner. A Turk and a foreigner and two foreigners need to marry in the competent Turkish...

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  • Labor legislation in Turkey

    If you are planning to work in Turkey, it will be very useful to study the Turkish labor legislation. The general terms of employment are regulated by the Constitution, the Labor Law and other acts. Some special terms can be regulated by the employment contract. Employment contracts do not exempt from any taxes and fees. Accepted by the law form...

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  • Weather in Turkey

    The climate in Turkey varies from region to region. In the central part, it is a continental climate with warm and dry summers and cold winters. The average temperature in summer is about 25-30 degrees and in winter the temperature is -15 degrees. Such contrast can be explained by the fact that this region is framed by the mountains and the warm...

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  • Turkey

    Turkey, the country where the enchantment of the Arabian Nights is all pervasive…magical, multifaceted, thrilling, challenging and spellbinding. As soon as you arrive, the beauty of the place, its colors and scents all imperceptibly mingle with the salt sea air and the omnipresent smell of freshly made tea and of delicious Turkish food. Everything...

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  • Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Turkey

    New Year's Day in Turkey is one of the most popular and important holidays. People of all ages wait for this magic night throughout the year. This holiday is celebrated in every country but with some differences, which characterize the country. Now let's see how the Turks celebrate New Year. HISTORY OF THE HOLIDAY It is worth mentioning that the...

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  • Cost of living in Turkey

    Turkey can offer you favorable environment and climate, comfortable accommodation, and affordable prices on food, clothes and other goods. As anywhere else, the cost of living depends on the location and your own preferences. The life in rural areas will be cheaper than in big cities. But generally, we can say that the life in Turkey is not very...

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  • Best restaurants in Turkey: meals to suit every taste

    Turkey is a friendly and hospitable country. The Turks will be always glad to meet you and to treat you to a traditional Turkish dinner. In all Turkish cities, Istanbul, Alanya, Kemer there are a lot of different restaurants, cafes, pastry shops where you can enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine. SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS The Turkish eat fish quite often...

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  • Celebrating Christmas in Turkey

    As you know, Christmas in Turkey is not an official holiday because it is a Muslim country. However, for the last ten years, it has become a popular destination for foreigners. Some of them have a business in this country, some of them bought property and decided to live here because of beautiful nature, climate and friendly environment. So,...

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  • Registering a birth in Turkey

    According to the Turkish Family law, parents should register a birth of their child within 30 days from the date of the birth at the local Population Registry Office. If the parents are unable to do this, someone who attended the birth can register. The documents required for the birth registration: application form residency or identity...

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  • Welcoming Turkey

    Turkey is inspiring and bright, emotional and unique. This is a country famous for its charming “One Thousand and One Nights”. It is multifaceted and breathtaking, challenging and fascinating. From the first moments, you will dive into the world of unspeakable beauty of colors and fragrances, the atmosphere of magic, intoxicating smell of thyme,...

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