Real estate agencies in Turkey

Yekta Homes
354 properties in 2 cities
Founded in 2005

Yekta Homes is renowned for being a trusted developer working in Alanya. The company provides foreign clients from Norway, Sweden, Germany, Iran and many other countries with high-quality properties by the sea. Today, Yekta...

Altop Real Estate
1139 properties in 16 cities
Founded in 2004

Summer Home
761 property in 25 cities
Founded in 2002

Excluzival Group
675 properties in 14 cities
Founded in 2011

Tolerance Homes
620 properties in 18 cities
Founded in 2002

Liga Real Estate
438 properties in 18 cities
Founded in 2015

Sonmez Construction
391 property in 1 city
Founded in 2001

364 properties in 12 cities

Kinaci Group Construction
349 properties in 10 cities
Founded in 1990

Red Feniks group
339 properties in 10 cities
Founded in 2003

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