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Apartments for sale in Turkey

Buying an apartment in Turkey means investing in a potentially liquid asset that could prove to be a dependable source of income and a cushion for one's finances. Istanbul is a true magnet for investors who can accurately predict the state of the market, aside from being the capital of one of the most popular tourist destinations.

According to several reports, the majority of Turkish real estate transactions are in Istanbul, the country's biggest city, with a total of 22,148 units sold in October 2022. This shows an increase of 18% from the previous month. The increase is primarily due to foreign intensive activity in the Turkish real estate market. Overseas nationals topped the list of Turkish home-buyers in October by purchasing 1,275 homes, up from 547 in March.

Many real estate agencies report that wealthy foreigners invest in property in Istanbul, looking for a stable haven for their finances.

Life in Istanbul

This city of contrasts is remarkable as it’s spread across two continents. No other city in the world can make such a claim. On both sides of the Bosporus, tradition and modernity, East and West, Europe and Asia coexist. Almost every step in the city reveals its full magnificence and diversity.

Turkish food is popular for its variety - loads of meat dishes with lots of spices and olive oil, as well as original desserts and special Turkish tea.

Istanbul is a fantastic shopping and bargain-seeking paradise. The newest Turkish fashion designers and well-known international names may be found here, along with leather, jewellery, and other handicrafts, all at affordable prices. The European and Asian areas of the city are home to both conventional bazaars and contemporary shopping malls.

Popular neighbourhoods in the city are well known for their vibrant nightlife. Several of the numerous bustling pubs and clubs mix a variety of musical styles, from hip-hop and electronic dance music to jazz, funk, Latin American, and traditional Turkish music.

The cost of apartments in Istanbul

Istanbul is a spectacular combination of a rich past and present culture as it’s at the intersection of east and west. The variety of apartments in Istanbul highlights the adaptability of this amazing metropolis. While the new residential complexes in Istanbul are a blend of world-class style, comfort, and amenities to fit the expectations of contemporary purchasers and their lifestyles, the old houses are the pinnacle of a rich culture.

Several reports claim that apartment prices in Istanbul are annually increasing by 10%. Inexpensive studio apartments in Istanbul, Turkey, typically cost approx.150,000 euros. Prices can be anywhere between 96,000 euros and 1,000,000 euros. Flats for sale in Istanbul are becoming increasingly scarce on the market due to the constant increase in prices. The demand for foreigner-only flats in Istanbul is so high that many are already sold before the construction is completed.

Study the Istanbul website's catalogue to learn which apartments are available and the current costs in euros, and dollars.


Investment apartments in Istanbul are an excellent choice for capital growth and saving. In the Turkish capital, many foreigners purchase real estate to rent or sell later. Buildings in the city centre have easy access to basic infrastructure and amenities, as well as good transport connections. The location of the flats in Istanbul as well as the cultural status of the city are significant factors in their popularity. A steady demand for both short-term and long-term rentals is ensured by the significant tourist influx.

In local expanding rental market, apartments can yield up to 5.8% per year. In certain circumstances, this percentage may shift upwards as the yield generally changes depending on the property's features, location, and number of bedrooms.

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