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Looking for a holiday apartment by the sea in Turkey? Turk.Estate offers a wide selection of cheap properties for sale in Kestel, Turkey by the sea. From lovely studios to spacious penthouses, we have collected the best offers from verified developers, real estate agents and individual sellers.

Endless sand beaches, breathtaking mountain views, the warm sea make Kestel an ideal place if you are looking for an overseas apartment for family holidays. Check out the latest offers on our website.


The main attraction of Kestel is the beautiful Dimcai River which flows in the west from the village and runs into the sea.

Climbing down the picturesque mountain road, you get to the second largest stalactite cave in Turkey where you can feel like a fairytale hero being in the underground wonderland.


The village is being developed very rapidly. The housing construction is very active in this area. Many people buy property under construction because of the lower prices and good reputation of developers.

The property market in Kestel mainly consists of low-rise buildings (not more than 5 floors) and small residential developments. Such developments consist of several blocks and offer a wide range of amenities: a swimming pool, BBQ and recreation areas as well as parking and other facilities necessary for a comfortable life.