• Turkey was the leader in rental prices growth in 2022

    According to the results of the last year, 2022, Turkey was the first of 56 states that were assessed by the growth of rental rates. This was reported by the Aydınlık portal, referring to the statistics it received from the international analytical company Knight Frank.    So, in 2022, on average in Turkey, rental prices increased by...

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  • A new campaign for factory houses has started

    Factory-built houses continue to attract the attention of potential homeowners, especially since apartment prices continue to rise. And in January, a promotional price was announced for a two-level prefabricated house - that is, a duplex of 4 + 1 format with an area of 157 square meters.   According to Emlak365, the analysts of this portal...

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  • Real estate in Turkey: the main news of the past week – January 21-27

    The most up–to-date information guides of the Turkish real estate market are in our traditional weekly selection.   Analysts in January continue to analyze the results of 2022. So, over the past seven days, a lot of statistical data and interesting facts have been published.   So, it turned out that:    men purchase...

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  • TOKI offers accommodation with a 25% discount

    The Office of Mass Housing Construction TOKI announced one of the first preferential programs in 2023 for the purchase of housing. In this case, the property is offered with a 25% discount and, moreover, in installments, the repayment period of the remaining debt is 180 months (15 years). The minimum monthly payment starts from about 1,600 Turkish...

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  • The rent has risen to 20,000 Turkish lira, and the tenants do not want to move out

    Disputes between landlords and tenants are intensifying; so, the intensity of «passions» in this area has reached a new level. Tenants, on the one hand, are not ready to pay exorbitant amounts; on the other hand, protesting, sometimes try to prevent the owners from selling the house – when they want to make a profit from the sale, since they could...

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  • More and more unmanned metro lines appear in Istanbul

    Another, the third, completely «unmanned» metro line has been opened in the largest metropolis of Turkey - Istanbul. According to Turkish media, this is a line called the M8 with a length of just over fourteen kilometers (14.3 km). There are 13 stations scattered along this route.    The metro line is designed for the movement of trains...

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  • Turkey is the record holder in Europe for the number of housing transactions

    Chairman of the Board of Nef Erden Timur and President of Mastertürk Group Gokhan Tash said that the Republic of Turkey now ranks first in Europe in housing sales; the volume of sales of residential real estate for December 2022 is impressive.   Erden Timur, referring to the statistics obtained at the end of the year, explained that in...

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  • The house price index rose by 174.3%

    The Central Bank of Turkey has published a housing price index, which by the end of November 2022 has increased by almost 175% over the past year. Compared to the previous month, it grew by 3.8%.    The provinces with the highest growth in housing prices in November of the year just ended were Antalya, Burdur and Esparta - 214.5%. They...

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  • The year 2022 in terms of sales is equal to 2021

    The volume of transactions in the housing market at the end of the year turned out to be almost identical to last year, although December is actually less successful than December 2021. But it is more profitable than all the other months for the entire period of 2021-2022: so, both Decembers are leading by an impressive margin.   As for the...

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  • 413 new residences will appear in Kyuchukchekmedzh

    With the Avrupa Konutları Ata project, 413 new residences will appear at once in Kucukcekmedj. The infrastructure of the project will also include 14 commercial facilities.   The developer will be Artaş Inşaat, a company that has been actively expanding its portfolio recently. The estimated volume of investments in the project is 768,145,301...

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