Penthouses in Turkey

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Imagine your own luxury hotel where there is nobody except you. All this you can get buying a penthouse.

From large panoramic windows, you can admire magnificent views of the sea, the mountains and breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. Here you can also find a terrace with a garden, Jacuzzi, a swimming pool or sauna. Being in the center of a noisy resort town, you can enjoy quietness of your own spacious luxurious apartment.


Modern penthouses are associated with luxury, prestige and a high social status of its owner. Penthouses have always been in high demand in Turkey’s property market. You can find penthouses in every residential complex.

Penthouse characteristics:

  • These apartments have two floors that is why they are sometimes called duplex.
  • They are usually located on the upper floor and on the roof and very rarely on the ground and first floor.
  • A separate enter, an elevator and stairs to the second floor.
  • A terrace with sauna and Jacuzzi


If you decide to buy a penthouse in Turkey, be ready to pay a high price. But it won’t be as high as the same housing in your country. This fact attracts people from different countries to buy penthouses in Turkey.

The price of the penthouse depends on:

  • The location of the housing estate. Apartments will be more expensive if the development is on the front line.
  • The phase of construction of the house. You can save up to 10-15 percent of the cost of housing if you make a deal with developer at the beginning of construction.
  • The living area of a penthouse. The more square meters it has, the higher the price is.
  • Amenities and technical equipment.

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