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Properties for sale in Oba

Turk.Estate offers a wide range of cheap properties for sale in Oba, Turkey by the sea. On our website, you will find the best property deals from verified developers, real estate agents and individual sellers. Properties in Oba are a perfect combination of high quality and reasonable prices. Our search filters will help you find a property perfectly matching your requirements – price, type of property, living space, location and many other. Check out our offers today!

Property in Oba

If you imagine that Alanya is a big cake, Oba is definitely the icing on the cake. The best that can be in Alanya you can find here. Lovely parks, orange gardens, beautiful squares and the best malls in this region are presented in Oba.

Oba is a prestigious area east to Alanya. That is why the prices don’t differ from the prices in the city center. There are new and old buildings, small apartments and large villas. Whatever you choose, you will get high-level service. The built-in furniture, a swimming pool, sauna, a garden, the beach and the city center in a two-minute walk.

About Oba

Oba is the nearest Alanya suburbs. It is a charming place close to the Taurus Mountains and is famous for its beautiful landscapes, atmosphere of coziness and parks where you can walk along the trees. It got his name from the river which flows nearby and is in 1-2 km from Alanya. 

As it was mentioned above, Oba is close to the city center of Alanya. That is why this area is prestigious and the prices are quite high. There are no buildings that have more than 5 floors. There are fewer offices, no construction projects and no industrial zones. These are the reasons why a lot of foreigners prefer to live there.

Why do people like Oba? There are more than 300 sunny days a year, a wonderful pebble beach, breathtaking mountains views, beautiful alleys and numerous parks and orange gardens. Moreover, Oba is a paradise for shopaholics. The famous shopping malls of Alanya, Metro, Alanyum, Kostas, are located here. There are also a lot of cafés and restaurants.

You are a person who is used to choose the best? We are sure that you will like Oba. You can come here to spend your weekends or holidays or you can move to live here. Moreover, due to the location, apartments and villas in Oba can have a great potential for renting and become good investments.