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If you are searching for an overseas property in a lively resort area with magnificent sea views, various bars, clubs and restaurants, then Bodrum is an ideal option for you. Unlike other resorts, Bodrum is popular among tourists all year round. People from different countries go here to enjoy a laid back as well as sophisticated way of life. Here almost everyone will find something up to them. Besides perfect white beaches, Bodrum is hot spot for sailing. Fans of boats and sailing will definitely enjoy Turkey’s most attractive sailing routes and excellent marinas. History lovers will have a chance to explore various historical sites of different periods.

Turk.Estate offers a wide range of properties for sale in Bodrum, Turkey, the prestigious resort with an ideal climate. This resort has to offer all types of properties – budget studios, apartments, houses, villas and etc. We have collected the best property deals in Bodrum from verified developers, real estate agents and individual sellers. Check out the latest deals today!


Buying property in Bodrum is a great deal. This overseas housing can be your permanent home in Turkey or a permanent income source. When you are out of the country, you can easily rent out your property. This resort is just in a 30-minute ride from the international airport, which makes the city easy to access from anywhere in the world throughout the year. The transport accessibility provides a regular tourist flow. Besides, the resort is popular among Turks as well.

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