Developers in Turkey

Yekta Homes
Completed projects31 property
Ongoing projects252 properties
Founded in: 2005
Yekta Homes is one of the largest developers working in Alanya, Turkey. Working with Norwegian, Swedish, German, Iranian, Russian, Belorussian, and Ukranian markets since 2005, the company provides foreign clients with...
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Oguzhan Construction
Completed projects14 properties
Ongoing projects4 properties
Founded in: 1984
EXPERIENCE Our company, quality, customer satisfaction by blending many projects and continue to take place. We deliver our projects within the agreed period of time. QUALITY Our main target is customer satisfaction, focal...
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Sonmez Real Estate & Construction
Completed projects59 properties
Ongoing projects12 properties
Founded in: 2001
“Sonmez Real Estate & Construction” – is the largest licensed real estate agency and construction company in the city of Alanya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey since 2001. Today, our company has the...
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Konak Construction
Completed projects41 property
Ongoing projects1 property
In every type of construction of Konak Construction, there are many references at home and abroad with quality, excellent service and the principle of economy. In Industrial Structures, Social and Commercial Buildings,...
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MEBA Construction Company
Completed projects18 properties
Ongoing projects9 properties
Founded in: 2004
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Completed projects13 properties
Ongoing projects1 property
Founded in: 2006
Yenisey&Yaparli Construction Company is the leading developer in the region. Our projects have attracted a great number of buyers from all over the world, allowing Yenisey to take the lead among construction companies in...
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Ali Kemal Gürdal
Completed projects4 properties
Ongoing projects3 properties
Founded in: 1989
Today, we are justifiably proud to make hundreds of families happy in Antalya, which is one of Turkey's most beautiful cities. We accept each customer as a member of our own family. If we were able to produce aesthetic and...
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Ozdence Construction
Completed projects6 properties
Founded in: 1993
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Toprak Construction
Completed projects2 properties
Ongoing projects2 properties
Founded in: 1986
Toprak Construction was established in 1986. Through many years of experience in the construction industry in different regions of Turkey, the company quickly gained an excellent reputation and is now one of the largest and...
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Ongoing projects4 properties
Founded in: 2014
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