• Turkish Passport: Current Benefits

    The Turkish passport is gaining prominence; according to the Henley Passport Index 2024, which calculates the number of countries allowing visa-free entry, the number of such countries for Turkish citizens has reached 118 this year (+7 from the previous year). There is an additional list of countries where visas are issued upon border crossing...

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  • İzmir: Expensive but Promising

    İzmir, one of the largest Turkish metropolises, successfully combines extensive business opportunities, an active lifestyle, and a seaside location. For understandable reasons, it is considered an expensive place to purchase real estate. Especially now, given the economic situation of the average Turkish family, the number of İzmir residents among...

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  • 80,308 Units of housing sold in turkey in january 2024

    Content: Leading and lagging cities Mortgage deals: 5,915 Other transaction categories: 74,393 Primary housing sales: 25,263 Secondary housing sales: 55,045 Sales to foreigners: 2,061 Leading and lagging cities According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), housing sales in January 2024 decreased by 17.8% compared to the same...

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  • Educational Institutions in Northern Cyprus. Where to Buy Property with Convenient School Access?

    Many families looking to buy property in Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or TRNC) are raising children who need to learn English and other subjects. That’s why buying a home in those municipalities with educational institutions is a highly topical issue. We have prepared for you a list of international schools in Northern...

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    Content: Top and bottom locations Mortgage transactions: 5,245 Other transactions: 88,269 Primary property sales: 30,472 Secondary property sales: 63,042 Sales to foreigners: 2,342 Top and bottom locations According to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), residential sales across Turkey dropped 20.6% in November year-over-year,...

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  • North Cyprus: Popularity Growth - Questions and Answers. Part 2

    We continue to explain the nuances of buying property in North Cyprus, which remains an unrecognized republic and is causing concern among potential buyers. For the beginning, Northern Cyprus: growing popularity, questions and answers. Here is a new series of "Questions and Answers" from the most frequently asked questions to the editorial...

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  • Northern Cyprus: rising popularity, FAQs

    Demand for property in Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or TRNC) from foreign investors is continuously increasing. Content: A brief look at statistics Interesting facts FAQ "Is it worth buying property on the first line?" "If I buy a flat in Northern Cyprus, will it be comfortable to live there? And are the flats...

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  • Housing prices in Turkey: Q3 summary

    Analysts began summarising the first three quarters of 2023 in October. Here are the key statistics. CONTENT: Overall figures In the provinces: unexpected leaders Here are the detailed results for the top 30 provinces in september 2023 Brief summary Land purchase What's the situation with rental prices? Renting in istanbul: focusing on...

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    CONTENT: Leading and lagging cities Mortgage transactions: 5,577 Other transaction categories: 88,184 Primary housing sales: 29,230 Secondary housing sales: 64,531 Sales to foreigners: 2,535 LEADING AND LAGGING CITIES According to official data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the number of residential units sold...

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  • Life in Turkey: changes in rules and regulations. Part 2

    Residents in Turkey are facing a challenging autumn with updates in regulations and laws. However, it's common for legislation to be regularly updated in most countries. Being well-informed in advance can help minimise both time and financial costs. Content: Residence permit by property ownership (TAPU): rumours and reality Mobile phone...

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