• Turkey has become a favorite in housing sales for foreigners

    TÜIK recently published housing sales statistics for August 2021. The number of residential real estate transactions amounted to 141,400 units. Content: Record number of transactions with foreigners Foreigners bought about 10% of housing in Istanbul and 18% in Antalya 34,000 transactions after lowering the threshold of instant...

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  • Rental rates skyrocketed: reasons, consequences, and benefits for property owners

    The excessive and unapproved construction community’s increase in rent for housing has recently caused controversy and remains the main news on the agenda. In megacities, the situation is controversial; in Istanbul and remote areas, rates have increased from 30% to 70% over the year. Is there a limit to this? Content: There are 3 main reasons...

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  • The Turkish construction sector is gaining momentum

    Despite the ongoing global economic crisis, the real estate sector in Turkey has revived in recent months. It is rapidly increasing in both pace and volume. Moreover, in some situations, the pandemic even created some positive outcomes; it has directed buyers to more spacious and comfortable properties such as houses. Besides this, it has updated...

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  • Common areas in residential complexes: privately-owned and someone else's

    In a cite (private residential complexes), there are many common areas. Additionally, how exactly they should be shared is often controversial between apartment owners. Many are dissatisfied with how neighbors decide where theirs and someone else's spaces are. Moreover, it is not the owners and their family members who cross the border of "mine...

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  • Renting an apartment in Turkey: the pitfalls and how to avoid them?

    Turk.Estate represents real estate for sale from the most reliable developers. Why did we decide to talk in detail about the rent and nuances of signing a contract? This information can be very useful in numerous ways to apartment owners. Content: TOP 20 points to consider Rent agreement: what you should remember What you should...

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  • Turkey Real Estate Report for Q1 2021

    Emlakkulisi Portal published a report on the results of the real estate sector for January-June. Key conclusions: first, both buyers and tenants have reoriented mainly to “housing in the bosom of nature,” while giving a clear preference to detached houses - the most spacious. And the second - real estate investment funds, which allow investors to...

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  • «Race for the Leader»: the most profitable provinces, cities and regions of Turkey for investors

    In our last article we talked about the investment profitability in resort real estate. Coastal regions aren't the only ones that are increasing in value, however; and not only Istanbul has potential out of megalopolises in terms of investments in housing. For those who are choosing - we present an overview published by Hepsiemlak analysts, with...

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  • Resort areas: price performance for the peak of the current summer season

    Experts analyzed the housing situation in coastal cities and areas around the start of July holidays in Turkey, which saw a surge in bookings that had not been seen in years. For example, rental rates for detached houses reached 20,000 TL per day. June 2021 Resort Property Index data was released by Hepsiemlak, and their real estate portal...

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  • New trend - buying land in Turkey: take advantage of it

    Another trend caused by the pandemic - which, with all its inconveniences and limitations, has opened up a number of new favorable opportunities for investors - is the purchase of land plots. People strive for an isolated comfortable life (including foreign investors), they want to acquire their own “nest”: both spacious and cozy. However, the...

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  • Investment in hotel segment in resort zones

    If you want to invest in Turkish real estate in order to receive regular income from it, one of the options is hotels and hotel-type residences. A kind of “intermediate option”: on the one hand, it is 100% commercial real estate, on the other hand, it is intended for living: short-term and long-term. And besides, it is very popular, especially if...

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