• Almost 1.5 million apartments and houses sold in Turkey in 2020

    Last year's home sales in Turkey reached the level of 1,449,000 units sold, which is 11% or 150,587 units more than in 2019. From January to December 2020, mortgage sales of residential real estate in Turkey increased by 72.4% on an annualized basis (573,377 units sold on a mortgage) while direct sales (without mortgages) decreased by 8.9%...

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  • Turkey Property Prices in 2021

    The end of the year is the time for summing up the results and making forecasts for the next year. Turkish real estate experts predict a further rise in prices for land, houses and apartments in Turkey and give reasons for this rise. Impact of the pandemic on the Turkish sector Emlak Kulisi, a construction and real estate newspaper in Turkey,...

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  • Real estate prices in Antalya in 2021

    The Anatolian region of Turkey is among the top five provinces where real estate prices have risen record high in 2020. The growth rate of apartment prices in Antalya in the first eleven months reached 48.57 percent. Property buyers are wondering if it is worth expecting a further rise in apartment prices in Antalya in 2021.   Expert...

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  • Property prices in Alanya in 2021

    Alanya, a small resort town on the Anatolian coast, has hit the absolute record for the rise in apartment prices in Turkey. According to the November 2020 house price index published by the Hürriyet Emlak newspaper, the rise in apartment prices in Alanya reached a record 85.32 percent! From November 2019 to November 2020, the average cost per...

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  • Over 112,000 properties sold in Turkey in November

    In November 2020, home sales in Turkey decreased by 18.7% compared to last year's November and amounted to 112,483 units. November sales leaders Istanbul remains the most popular city for real estate buyers in Turkey. In November, 21,158 residential properties were sold in Istanbul - 18.8% of the total monthly sales. Ankara was ranked the second...

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  • Mortgage in Turkey for foreigners: 8 most frequently asked questions and answers

    2020 has become the year of the mortgage boom in Turkey. The country's authorities cut interest rates to the lowest level ever to save the economy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The all-time-low interest rates have led to record-breaking home sales. In total, from January to October 2020, the number of mortgage transactions in Turkey...

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  • Over 136,000 properties sold in Turkey in September 2020

    September sales of houses and apartments in Turkey decreased by 6.9 percent compared to the last year's stats and amounted to 136,744 objects. Where was the most housing sold in September 2020? The largest number of sales has been traditionally recorded in Istanbul: 18.6 percent or 25,399 objects. The second place continues to be held by the...

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  • Turkish citizenship and residence permit: experts answer frequently asked questions

    Those who plan to buy a house in one of the Turkish cities to earn money on rent or use it as an overseas residence often have the same questions. They relate to obtaining a Turkish residence permit and citizenship. Specially for future investors in properties in Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara, Alanya, Kemer, Izmir, Bodrum and other cities and provinces...

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  • How to get Turkish citizenship when buying residential or commercial property

    In July 2016, a new law came into force in Turkey, allowing foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship if they have a property there. Initially, the investment threshold for such buyers was quite high - $1 million. However, two years ago, in September 2018, it was reduced to $250,000. After the threshold was significantly reduced, wealthy foreigners...

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  • How to get a residence permit in Turkey in 2020

    Buying a villa, apartment in an apartment building or a rural estate in Turkey, a foreigner gets an opportunity to apply for a residence permit in Turkey in a simplified manner and stay in the country for a longer period or live there permanently. It is not only the property owner who can get a residence permit, but also their family and friends....

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