• 111,341 housing units sold in Turkey in March 2021

    Sales leaders and anti-leaders In March 2021, 111,241 housing units were sold in the Republic of Turkey. This is 2.4% more than in March 2020. The three leading cities in the most of the categories remain unchanged. So, in terms of the total number of sales, Istanbul traditionally takes the first place with 22,007 units of residential real estate...

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  • Construction and real estate sector's results for 2020

    By the end of the first quarter of 2021, real estate portal GYODER released the final data for Turkey's Real Estate Index for the fourth quarter of 2020 and summarized the results for the entire year. So, what are the results of this year, on the one hand, complicated by the pandemic, and on the other hand, the year that opened up new...

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  • Where better to invest money in 2021 - 2022, so as not to lose it. Investment rules

    Money stored at home usually loses its value due to cost increases of a large number of goods. People who do not want to let the situation take its course, act correctly. What do the experts recommend in this way? Where do the experts advise you to invest in order to save or even increase your savings? We talk about this in the article...

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  • Buying a home in Turkey and Russia: find 10 differences

    Property acquisition is a process that requires increased attention and knowledge of local peculiarities. It is not only about the nuances of registration of property documents, which are different in each country. So let's talk about the key points, which are often unknown to Russians who buy an apartment in Turkey, and it is necessary to warn...

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    When choosing an apartment in Turkey, Russians often choose cheaper housing in popular resorts due to the sea, sun, fruit… All this is fine, "and in the winter, when we are in the Russian Federation, we will rent an apartment". This opinion is widespread. However, it is in the resort regions that it is problematic to rent a house from...

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  • Turkey's seismic activity: don't be afraid to buy a home here

    WHAT IS THE OVERALL SITUATION? Turkey has a lot of advantages in purchasing residential real estate on its territory. But it's no secret that the country occasionally experiences seismic activity. However, this is not the only country where earthquakes occur frequently. And due to the fact that this phenomenon is regular in the country, you have...

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  • 81,222 housing units sold in Turkey in February 2021

    Sales leader and anti-leaders In Turkey, home sales fell 31.6% in February compared to the same month last year. The total number of transactions for this type of property is 81,222. However, this is over 11,000 sales transactions more than a month earlier. The largest number of sales was registered in Istanbul: 15,929 transactions (19.6% of the...

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  • Foreigners from what countries buy housing in Turkey, where and why?

    The number of houses sold to residents of other countries in Turkey for the period 2013-2020 exceeded 220,000 units, reports the portal Emlakkulisi. The precise number of sold properties is 220,351 units According to the local statistics agency TÜİK, the highest sales dynamics have been observed over the past three years. The highest...

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  • 83.2% of foreigners satisfied with the purchase of housing in Turkey

    In early March 2021, the Association for the Promotion of Turkish Real Estate Abroad (GİGDER) published its recent research, which analyses the interests and opinions of foreign investors regarding the purchase of housing in Turkey. In the near future, the country expects to receive $ 10 billion from the sale of housing to foreigners. Analysts at...

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    CONTENT Introduction Geography and climate Industry, education and medicine Transport and infrastructure History and leisure Advantages of living in Izmir Districts Choosing an area to buy a house Home sales in Izmir in previous years Useful figures and facts about housing Statistics and prices INTRODUCTION In fact, Izmir would be...

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