• 134,170 housing units sold in Turkey in March 2022

    Housing sales in the Republic of Turkey in March increased by 20.6% compared to the same month last year and amounted to 134,170 units. Leading cities and anti-leaders The highest share of sales is in Istanbul: 23,974 deals, or 17.9% of their total number. Istanbul is followed by Ankara (12,609 sales, or 9.4%) and Izmir (8,051 sales, or 6.0%)...

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  • Guests from Russia and Ukraine “reformatted” the Turkish housing market in a month

    Recent events have had a substantial impact on the Turkish real estate market – both sales and rentals. In Turkey, many people want to move to a permanent residence or spend a few months here in comfort and peace until the political and economic situation stabilizes. As a result, the number of vacant apartments has decreased, while the price...

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  • Istanbul is at its peak of popularity among foreigners.

    The current situation of uncertainty encourages people to invest in the most stable assets. It will not disappear and will not be depreciated; this is real property, primarily residential. Apartments and houses in good districts have been and will stay in demand. Turkey is among the world leaders in real estate property market development. Three...

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  • The Princes' Islands in Turkey: demand exceeds supply

    Adalar (Turkish), or the Princes' Islands, is a district in Istanbul. This area has always been popular but has grown even more during the 2 years of the pandemic. Tourists poured in and wealthy citizens were looking for an opportunity to buy a villa in the Princes' Islands. After all, a beach holiday, silence, peace and solitude just half an hour...

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  • Housing sales rising in Turkey

    Recent events have caused many economic difficulties for a number of countries. This has caused many people to buy homes in Turkey. Previously, foreigners weren’t in a hurry to do this. Instead, they’d visit the country, rent an apartment for a year or 2, apply for a tourist residence permit and look around. In general, they weren’t in a hurry to...

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  • How to get a residence permit in Turkey in 2022

    Buying a villa, apartment in an apartment building or a rural estate in Turkey, a foreigner gets an opportunity to apply for a residence permit in Turkey in a simplified manner and stay in the country for a longer period or live there permanently. It is not only the property owner who can get a residence permit, but also their family and friends....

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  • Dynamics of Turkish property prices in 2021

    New housing in Turkey has been very popular in the last 5 years. Housing is in high demand and the average cost of 1 sq. m of space is 5,579 Turkish lira (TL). According to Endeksa, at the end of January 2022, Turkey had an annual average housing price increase of 78% and an average housing unit price of 736,428 TL. This platform often gives you...

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  • Getting a mortgage in Turkey as a foreigner

    Foreigners who want to buy an apartment in Turkey can do this with a mortgage. The Republic of Turkey gives mortgages to citizens of other countries as it’s an excellent way to attract overseas capital to the real estate market. In this article, you can read more about how to buy a property in Turkey with a mortgage. We’ll also discuss the...

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  • 97,587 housing units sold in Turkey in February 2022

    Official statistics show that residential real estate sales in Turkey in February 2022 rose by 20.1% compared to the same month of the previous year. It totaled 97,587 units. Leading cities and anti-leaders Istanbul leads in sales with 18,752 transactions or 19.2% of the total volume. Istanbul is followed by Ankara, the capital of Turkey with...

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  • How to choose a reliable investment property in Turkey?

    Real estate in Turkey is an excellent long-term investment option. Your most important thing to think about is choosing not just the right property but also the right location. As statistics show, if you do this well, the return on investment in Turkey can reach 5% per annum and the real estate payback will only take 6-7 years. In this article,...

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