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Villas (houses) for sale in Turkey

Turk.Estate offers a wide range of houses and villas in Turkey by the sea. On our website, you will find properties for any taste and budget in the best Turkey’s locations. We ensure the latest deals from verified sellers.

The Turkey’ real estate market offers high-quality properties that meet all modern construction and design standards. A villa in the Turkish Riviera is a great option if you are looking for a perfect holiday home or profitable investment.

Why do we recommend buying a villa?

Owning a house in Turkey is not only comfortable but also useful. Here are the benefits of buying a villa in Turkey.

1. Holidays. Booking a hotel, following the schedule and the rules of the hotels, the need to tolerate numerous tourists – you will forget all this stuff. Having a villa by the sea, you can go on holidays whenever you want.

2. Costs savings. However, villas are the most expensive type of property, the amount of money, you will pay for it, won’t be more than for the same housing in Russian big cities. Moreover, you get a fully equipped house ready for moving in.

3. Investments. You are free to choose what to do with your new property: you can rent it out or sell it. Anyway, you will gain some profit because the property prices increase constantly.

4. Land ownership. Buying a villa, you become an owner of a piece of land near the house. Foreigners can buy land not more than 10 percent of the area of each province and not more than 30 hectares for a person.

5. Friendly environment. Villas are usually not located in densely populated areas; the exceptions are only those which are in the front line.

6. The urban development standards in Turkey prohibit dense development. So, the government preserves the architectural value of the city and the environment.