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Villas for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey. It’s distinguished by its unique location – on both the continents of Europe and Asia. Property in Istanbul is diverse in type. Investors don’t always just choose apartments, they also choose detached houses for sale in Istanbul.

The city’s development allows you to choose a compact villa with two or three bedrooms or a spacious multi-level mansion. Buyers appreciate the villas for the opportunity to have an isolated lifestyle while enjoying all the amenities within the residential complexes in Istanbul. Most projects have swimming pools, landscaped gardens or relaxation areas on the house territory, parking lots, or a garage.

There’s also much architectural diversity. You can buy an Istanbul home in a modern style or choose a building with an Eastern design. Most of the villas are usually ready for occupation, equipped with all the necessary household and sanitary appliances, and built-in furniture. Various projects have separate closets.

Popular districts

The megapolis is the economic and cultural centre of the country, where many districts are concentrated. In the European part, you can buy a villa in Istanbul in a community such as Kilyos, Emirgan, Göktürk, Kemerburgaz, or Başakşehir. In Antalya, a part of the city construction is underway in areas such as Beykoz, Kandilli, Çengelköy, and Dragoz. Houses are also available in the Istanbul suburb – in the Beylikduzu district.

The unique position of Istanbul allows you to find villas on both the seacoast and in the green suburbs. The central part of the city is dominated by multi-floor buildings. Apartments in the new buildings in Istanbul are more common than villas.

Life in Istanbul

The Turkish metropolis is international. Many cultural traditions of different countries are mixed on this territory and coexist with various religious groups. Villas in Istanbul for foreigners – an opportunity to invest money in highly liquid and profitable housing or to purchase an excellent place for seasonal holidays or permanent residence.

You can have a pretty comfortable lifestyle as the city has everything for an audience of different ages.

Istanbul has the following advantages:

  • An actively developing economy and extensive business opportunities;
  • A developed education and healthcare system.
  • A pleasant climate.
  • A developed entertainment industry.
  • Access to numerous attractions and cultural monuments.

Moving into a house in Istanbul, Turkey, for foreigners will not cause any difficulties in adapting, as you only need a basic knowledge of the English language. Most of the residents, especially those working in the service industry, know the English language. Most stores, restaurants, and cafeterias have their menus and signs translated into English.

The cost of houses in Istanbul

The more prestigious and well-maintained the communities are, the higher villa prices in Istanbul will be. Houses with two-three bedrooms are usually the most affordable ones, especially for businessmen and investors. Average pricing for these residences starts at $ 500.000. More spacious mansions cost $ 1 million and higher. For example, the price of a villa in Istanbul with 5 bedrooms can be $ 1.5 – 2 million.

Prices in the premium-class standards can reach 10 million $ or more. Prices of real estate tend to increase, so it would be wise to determine the cost of a specific property just before buying.

House investment in Istanbul

  • Capitalisation of the cost of housing. In 2022 alone, real estate prices increased by 241%.
  • Stable rental growth. In 2022, the indicators increased by 145%.
  • High profitability of the housing stock. Values vary from 4 to 5%, depending on the specific type of housing and its location.

You are always sure to make a profit when selling an investment house in Istanbul due to the price growth, especially if you’re going to invest in ongoing projects. Alternatively, you can rent out villas in Istanbul for investment and permanent residence and receive a passive income. Analysts say that the increasing prices of building materials will affect the state of the Turkish real estate market. It’s more profitable not to postpone the decision to invest in real estate from developers in Istanbul, as the purchase may cost more in the future.

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