• Financial support will be provided to those who buy their first home

    The Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum recently made several new statements regarding what specific steps will be taken to reduce rental prices; it is planned to bring rental rates under control.   The official recalled that until July 1, 2023, there is a 25% limit on rent increases; this period will be...

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  • Experts predict an increase in the cost of housing after the election

    Mesut Guleroglu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Izmir Chamber of Real Estate Agents (IZEKO), who commented on some stagnation in the housing purchase and sale market, stressed that potential buyers took a wait-and-see attitude in terms of transactions, and sellers - in terms of prices. The reason is the presidential election, which...

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  • The authorities promised to take rent rates under control after the elections

    While everyone is looking forward to the second round of the presidential elections in Turkey, important messages are coming from the government wing.   One of the biggest problems in the economy over the past year has been rental rates, which have become exorbitant. Despite the fact that the government made a number of statements about this...

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  • Real estate in Samsun has risen in price in popular areas to two million

    Samsun Province is steadily "getting more expensive" in terms of housing: in the most popular Janik district, the average sale price of a residential residence has almost reached two million - 1,939,950 Turkish lira (TL).   The analytical portal of real estate valuation Endeksa, continuing to publish a series of reports on urban assets,...

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  • It will be much more comfortable to live on the Prince Islands

    The Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change pleased the inhabitants of the Prince Islands with several good news at once.   Recall that earlier on the Prince Islands there were difficulties with some title documents regarding certain lands whose status was not approved, or infrastructure.   Now, the fate of a number...

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  • The new housing campaign has already covered 670 000 residences

    The number of applications for participation in Yarısı Bizden campaign has exceeded 670 000 units of real estate that will be converted, Emlakkulisi clarifies.   A new campaign was launched by the authorities of "Half of Us" with the aim of transforming risky Istanbul buildings into safer ones as soon as possible. In a nutshell, the general...

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  • The number of transactions with foreigners decreased in April

    Russians in April 2023 somewhat slowed down the pace of housing acquisition, but they are still in the lead. We present the latest data published recently by the Turkish Institute of Statistics.   The volume of transactions with foreigners decreased by more than half - by 60.3% compared to April 2022: 2,557 transactions. This is 3% of the...

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  • Real estate sales in April decreased by 35%

    The month preceding the presidential election may have been one of the reasons that potential buyers took a wait-and-see attitude. The continuing rise in real estate prices also played a role.   Anyway, in April, housing was sold by 35% less than in the same month last year. But in January-April - four months - the drop is not so strong: on...

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  • Konya was blessed with a new eco-friendly power plant

    The first decade of May turned out to be rich in events in the energy sector: not only will there be its own solar-powered power plant on the university campus in Alanya, but also the grand opening of a similar enterprise took place in Konya province: the new Karapynar power plant. Which has become the largest SES in Europe.   The 1,250 MW...

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  • Real estate in Turkey: the main news of the past week – May 6-12

    We present another digest of the most interesting events in the field of construction and real estate in Turkey over the past seven days:   non-residential real estate, as it turned out, has recently been selling better residential;   Hatay may become another Turkish resort;   The University of Alanya will provide electricity...

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