Turkey, the country where the enchantment of the Arabian Nights is all pervasive…magical, multifaceted, thrilling, challenging and spellbinding.

As soon as you arrive, the beauty of the place, its colors and scents all imperceptibly mingle with the salt sea air and the omnipresent smell of freshly made tea and of delicious Turkish food. Everything creates a welcoming atmosphere from which you will not wish to escape.

Turkey is a country where the Orient and Occident merge, beguiling you with a unique variety of landscapes. It is surrounded by four seas, a thousand sandy beaches turn into vast bays, fertile plains turn into mountain landscapes, the desert turns into semi-tropical magnificence, olive groves turn into cotton fields and banana plantations, modern metropolises alternate with medieval mountain villages, together creating a multi-colored mosaic of old and new, that you will not find elsewhere.

Civilizations have risen and fallen leaving a land full of history and a melting pot of cultures and peoples. A hospitable population awaits you, ready to make you both comfortable and welcome.

In 1923, Atatürk initiated far reaching changes rapidly bringing Turkey into the modern world but the social and cultural values of universal hospitality, respect for the elderly, charity and honor live on.

Turkey now offers a huge range of leisure time facilities, whether taking a kayak down roaring canyons, hiking through mountain pastures, racing through deep powder snow, scuba diving over the sunken ruins of ancient cities, or taking off from the top of an extinct volcano with a para-glider.

There are also countless historical and artistic monuments, exotic bazaars overflowing with colorful goods, theaters and operas, galleries and museums, traditional craftwork shops, musical and sporting events, and holidays connected with religious and national celebrations. Every region has its traditional songs and dances and here too the hawksbill turtle has been peering out of the warm water for more than a hundred million years…

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