Best restaurants in Turkey: meals to suit every taste

Best restaurants in Turkey: meals to suit every taste

Turkey is a friendly and hospitable country. The Turks will be always glad to meet you and to treat you to a traditional Turkish dinner. In all Turkish cities, Istanbul, Alanya, Kemer there are a lot of different restaurants, cafes, pastry shops where you can enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine.


The Turkish eat fish quite often that is why seafood restaurants are popular among locals and foreign tourists. So, in Istanbul you can try delicious sea fish in Sultanahmet, Eleos, Bebek Balikci, Balikci Kahraman. In Antalya you will enjoy seafood in Fish-Inn, Favory and others.

There are various dishes with trout, mackerel, rockfish and even swordfish. Some restaurants offer their clients to choose the fish to be served themselves.


Going to Turkey and not trying traditional Turkish dishes is definitely a huge mistake. Especially when there are so many restaurants, which offer a menu with national cuisine. The Istanbul restaurants: Deraliye Restaurant, Asitane Restaurant, Ciya Sofrasi, Kosebasi Restaurant follow national culinary traditions and offer the most delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine.

You won't learn Turkish cuisine unless you try traditional Turkish pita breads, bozbash (a kind of meat soup) or spicy soup with mint and yogurt. A must-try is numerous vegetable snacks, which are in the menu of every restaurant. A real foodie will enjoy snacks with courgettes or oriental aubergines. And don't miss the chance to try world-renowned Turkish sweets.


You can buy baklava, Turkish delight or rahat lokum, nuts-and-honey bars, water ice (sherbet) and other Turkish delicacies in special pastry shops. The most famous is “Hafiz Mustafa 1864” in Istanbul. Tadal Pastanesi, Kahve Dunyasi and Dem Karakoy are other popular pastry shops.


There are some restaurants in Turkey, which everyone wanted to visit. The celebrities and the world business elite have dinner in these restaurants. The exquisite dishes of the restaurants La Mouette are the subject of legends and the magnificent view of Bosphorus from the rooftop restaurant Leb-I derya made so many women's hearts melt.


It may be rather difficult to choose the best one from such big amount of restaurants. You can use special apps, which will help you to select a restaurant in Alanya, Kemer, Istanbul or other places according to your preferences (European, Asian or Mediterranean cuisine) and your budget.

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