Secrets of traditional Turkish food

Secrets of traditional Turkish food

Turkish cuisine is considered one of the major cuisines of the world along with French and Chinese cuisines. Being a heritage of the Ottoman cuisine, it can be described as a unique fusion of Greek, Caucasian, Balkan and Mediterranean culinary traditions. Traditional Turkish dishes are a variety of color and flavors.

A lot of people think that Turkish food is spicy-hot, but it isn't so. It is delicately savory with a lot of delicious vegetables which can make vegetarians happy. But, of course, people who eat meat will find something special for them too. Being an Islamic country, the Turkish cuisine is based on lamb and mutton but there are also dishes with beef, chicken, fish and seafood.

Now, let's look at the best mouth-watering Turkish dishes that you definitely must try.


1. Kahvalti


Every Turkish morning starts with Turkish breakfast. And we also decided to start our top-list with it. Kahvalti is a typical Turkish breakfast and it can easily be named a breakfast champion. Usually it consists of olives, salad, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, boiled or scrambled eggs, pastries, four kinds of cheese, different kinds of bread, jam, butter, and honey.

2. Doner kebab

It is the most famous Turkish dish. You can actually try it in every corner of the world. In Turkey, every region has its own variant of kebab. It is a kind of meat sandwich served with vegetables, spices and garlic yogurt. It is a perfect variant to have a snack while walking over the city.

3. Pide


It is a Turkish variant of pizza. Pide is a soft boat-shaped flatbread including different fillings served with sauces and cheese. It is a popular kind of street food in Turkey.

4. Turkish delight

You cannot imagine Turkish cuisine without Turkish delight, one of the favored treats for those who have sweet tooth. It has different fillings and flavours and is usually topped with powdered sugar.

5. Kokorec

Kokorec is a Turkish sandwich served with lamb intestines and tomatoes and spices. It may seem strange to eat intestines but just try it and you will see how tasty it is.

6. Turkish coffee

Famous Turkish coffee is made of medium roast beans in a cezve (a traditional Turkish pot). There are several ways of serving this coffee: plain with no sugar, with a little sugar, with medium sugar and with a lot of sugar.

7. Kofte


It is a kind of Turkish meatballs made of minced meat with spices and onion served with tomato sauce.

8. Salep or sahlep

It is a traditional Turkish winter drink. Salep can be a great warmer in the cold winter evenings. This drink is made of special powder which is to be mixed with water or milk and boiled. This drink is thick and sweet which makes it perfect for winter.

9. Borek

It is a kind of Turkish pastry with minced meat, cheese, potatoes or spinach. It can be of different forms: like lasagna or a rolled one.

10. Balaklava


Turkish cuisine is famous for its delicious mouth-watering desserts. One of them is balaklava. It is best served in Turkey. Always fresh, topped with pistachios, this nutty pastry dessert can be enjoyed with Turkish tea.

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