Is it expensive to maintain a property in Turkey

Is it expensive to maintain a property in Turkey

When buying a property in Turkey, you should keep in mind that it will require running costs.

They include:

  • registering a title deed, TAPU;
  • annual property tax;
  • utility bills;
  • monthly payment for property maintenance (aydat).

The property tax is paid annually. The amount of tax payment is calculated based on the cadastral value. The tax rate depends on the type of property and whether it is located within the city municipality. Thus, the rate on real estate located within / outside the city municipality is as follows:  

  • residential property - 0.2% - 0.1%;
  • commercial property - 0.4% - 0.2%;
  • land without a building permit - 0.2% - 0.1%;
  • land for construction - 0.6% - 0.3%.

The property tax is paid annually. Payment can be divided into two equal payments. The first payment is due from May 1 to May 31, and the second - from November 1 to 30.  

Aydat - a fee for maintaining a development project. Aidat includes expenses for electricity and water in common areas, maintenance of the garden, pool, cleaning the entrances, maintaining the elevator, security, and other services. The amount of aidat is set by the management company or the council of tenants and is paid monthly by property owners.

The list of utility bills includes payments for electricity, water and gas. Companies providing these services monthly collect meter readings to issue bills. Utility bills are paid on the monthly basis.

In Turkey three-phase electricity meters are installed since January 21, 2014. These meters have a programmed automatic rate change system that works depending on the time of day. The rates is divided into three time zones: day zone (06:00 - 17:00), peak zone (17:00 - 22:00) and night zone (22:00 - 06:00). The lowest rates are for the night zone, the highest are for the peak zone. For those who have old type meters installed, one rate is used, with a fixed cost of 1 kilowatt / hour.

Water supply is managed by the municipality. Each municipality sets their own rate depending on the type of property. Water consumption is calculated according to the meter. In addition to the water consumed, the bill includes payment of taxes such as VAT (8%), environmental tax, the amount of which depends on the location, garbage collection, which is 5% of the water bill.

In Turkey, centralized gas supply is not available in every location. Therefore, many people use gas cylinders, the cost of which depends on the volume. As a rule, a 12 m3 home type cylinder is used, which costs 103 liras. This type of bottle is only for cooking.   

Landline and Internet services depend on the package you choose.

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