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  • Buying an apartment in Mahmutlar in 2020

    In 2020, the number of residents of the district exceeded 40 thousand people and most of them are expats.   If you are thinking of buying an apartment in this expat-friendly resort, check out our ultimate guide on the best property options Mahmutlar has to offer Turk.Estate. Apartments in Mahmutlar on the front line Perhaps the main...

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  • Buying a new home in Turkey in 2020: eight global reasons to invest

    The coronavirus pandemic has added investment attractiveness to Turkish real estate. The excellent quality of construction and the dynamic rise in apartment prices are not the only reasons that make foreigners invest in real estate in Turkey. Turkey's transport accessibility has also become an important point for European countries and countries...

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  • Almost 300 thousand apartments sold in Turkey in July 2020

    The statistics of home sales in Turkey in July 2020 have been published: 229,357 properties were sold throughout the country. Thus, July sales rose 124.3 percent compared to last year's July figures. Which cities have the highest number of property sales? Istanbul was the most popular destination among buyers of apartments in Turkey in July,...

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  • TOP 8 largest developers in Alanya in 2020

    Alanya is a charming resort town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with a population of almost 350,000 people. Expats or foreigners who are buying a holiday property in the province of Antalya most often choose Alanya. According to the data for 2019, almost 30,000 expats (9.5 percent of the total population) live in Alanya. Buyers of...

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  • Residents of 145 countries bought property in Turkey

    Over the past five years (from January 1, 2014 to June 15, 2020), foreigners bought 18,400,000 square meters of land and 149,000 properties in Turkey. These data have been provided by Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urban Planning of Turkey, with reference to the Cadastral Department of the Republic. According to the published statistics,...

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  • Best construction companies in Turkey in 2020

    Every year, the American construction magazine Engineering News Record (ENR) publishes a top list of the 250 largest international development companies in the world. The rating is based on the income of construction companies both at home and abroad. At the end of 2019, 17 Turkish developers entered the top twenty of the list published by ENR!...

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  • Turkey's new housing standards in 2020

    Are there distressed construction projects in Turkey? How does the Turkish climate affect building codes and standards? Why are panel and brick buildings prohibited in many Turkey’s provinces? What does a standard apartment look like in Turkey? Check out our article to find the answers to these and many other important questions. Climate...

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  • Record growth of property sales in Turkey in June 2020

    A 209.7% growth of property sales was observed in Turkey in June 2020 comparing with the same period in 2019. This June 190,012 properties were sold. Istanbul is the leader of June sales (28,799 units sold or 15.2% of the total number of property transactions). The leader is followed by Ankara (21,915 units sold or 11.5% of total sales). Izmir is...

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  • Eight factors that influence cost of apartment in Turkey in 2020

    When you start looking for an overseas property, the first question that comes to mind is what makes the property price. Turk.Estate prepared a detailed property prices analysis to help you navigate through the Turkish housing market. Factor 1. Apartment location: living space, number of floors, home plan It is quite obvious that the key factors...

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  • Real estate in Turkey: what you can buy for up to €60,000

    Turkey is a country with huge investment potential, which also covers the real estate market. Today, thousands of foreigners are thinking about buying an apartment or house in Turkey. Let's try to navigate through the Turkish housing prices and see what you can buy with a budget up to 500,000 lira (about €60,000). PROPERTY PRICES IN...

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