Exchanging and selling property in Turkey

Exchanging and selling property in Turkey

Today the real estate exchange in Turkey is very popular among property owners. Check out our article to learn more about how to exchange a property in Turkey.

Home EXCHANGE - perfect DEAL

An ideal home exchange is when both parties agree that the exchanging properties have equal value. In such cases, the deal is made quickly and easily, because there is no need to settle any financial issues. The only thing you need is to legally register your exchange deal.

When property options are not equal, you can exchange an apartment or villa with a surcharge or to gain equal value of the exchanging options, one party may offer two or three cheaper property options.

Each exchange case is individual and it requires a custom-tailored solutions. That is why the best way out is to ensure this business to a qualified specialist who will handle the deal with maximum profit for both parties.


Exchanging and selling a property in Turkey requires a quality assessment of the housing. This is the key factor of a good deal.

It can be rather difficult to estimate the real property value for the owner of an apartment or villa by the sea, especially, when the owner spends most time overseas and does not keep up with the changes in the Turkish property market.

To get your money's worth, you should entrust the home assessment to professionals.

Assessing the property value, the specialists consider all factors, which may influence the market value (location, coastline, type and quality of a property) and then estimate the relevant value.

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