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Plan your holidays in Turkey with Turk.Estate. We offer a wide range of holiday rentals in Antalya, Turkey at the best prices, from comfy studios and bigger apartments to penthouses and villas. A holiday rental is a great solution if you want to feel free and save money on accommodation.

More often foreigners prefer to rent a house in Antalya than to stay in a hotel. This is a good option for:

  • Families with children, who go on holidays for several weeks. A perfect option for such families is renting an apartment in a residential estate. Such estates have well-developed amenities (swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, sports grounds, spa and fitness centers);
  • Groups of friends, who want to have fun during their holidays. Their option is renting a villa. A villa will be at their disposal and no neighbors will give them absolute freedom;
  • Retired people who can spend the whole summer with their grandchildren at the seaside. All parents want their children to spend their summer holidays swimming in the sea and resting from school. You can rent a townhouse with fenced territory in Antalya or a flat, which will be cheaper.
  • Businessmen, who have business in Turkey. It will be more convenient and profitable to rent an apartment for a long stay.


1. It saves your money. Besides the fact that it is cheaper to rent an apartment than to stay in a hotel, early booking will make it even cheaper. You can save up to 30 percent.

2. It protects you from the risks. The direct contact with the owner of a property or with a verified real estate agency, and a lease contract guarantees you a trouble-free experience.

3. It is comfortable and cozy accommodation. Property rentals ensure that you feel like home while enjoying your holidays in one of the best resorts in Turkey.

4. It gives you freedom. You don’t have to follow strict hotel rules, when you rent an apartment or villa.

5. There is a great choice of properties to rent. The market of property lettings is so wide that everyone can find their ideal option, which will match all expectations.

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