Teknik Yapı

Teknik Yapı
Founded in 1974

The step Nazmi Durbakayım took on his own as a young engineer in 1974 in the construction world was also the beginning of today’s TEKNİK YAPI. Today Teknik Yapı in the leadership of Nazmi Durbakayım, along with all teammates, proceeds on its way with the same excitement and ambition as on the first day and with the advantage of using the intellect.

Over six million m² in several branches of the construction sector has been built so far. Following the advanced technologies, Teknik Yapı attained to a distinguished position within its sector thanks to its collaboration with the precious lecturers of our universities.

Our inquisitive and innovative spirit has revealed our distinguished character both in the industrial buildings and residential buildings we constructed. Our standing behind what we achieved and ensuring customer satisfaction has carried TEKNİK YAPI to its current position.

We make long-term plans and are aware of the values we create. That is why TEKNİK YAPI has always its specific approach in tens of plants and hundreds of buildings it projected with the concepts created in the mass housing projects including UPHILL Court Projects.

Barbaros Mah. Ihlamur Bulvarı. Uphill Court C5 Blok A Girişi No:10A Batı Ataşehir Istanbul, TR-34746