Erkonut Inc.

Erkonut Inc.
Founded in 2012
Ongoing projects:3 properties

Erkonut Inc. is established to find a remedy to irregular urbanization of Erzurum in 2012. After local election in 2014, secondment of Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, activated his identified plans of city vision. First of all, Erkonut Inc. undertakes as a duty of changing unplanned construction, which prevents to achieve the goal of “Model City” of Erzurum. In addition to this goal, in accordance with the requirements of the age, Erkonut Inc. works for people in Erzurum, in order to spend their life peaceful, safe and social life in their living space. Erkonut Inc. not only works on urban renewal projects but also coordinates institutions that works about urban renewal.

Specialty services
  • Aftersale services
  • Mortgage
  • Rental
  • Sell
Ömer Nasuhi Bilmen Mh. Havaalanı yolu kavşağı Erzurumspor Tesisleri yanı no:12 Yakutiye, ERZURUM
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