Buying an apartment in Mahmutlar in 2020

Buying an apartment in Mahmutlar in 2020

In 2020, the number of residents of the district exceeded 40 thousand people and most of them are expats.  

If you are thinking of buying an apartment in this expat-friendly resort, check out our ultimate guide on the best property options Mahmutlar has to offer Turk.Estate.

Apartments in Mahmutlar on the front line

Perhaps the main difference between Mahmutlar and other coastal districts in Alanya is the nature of the development. In Mahmutlar it is mainly multi-storey (8-12 floors) buildings, the highest complexes reach 14 floors. The front line in Mahmutlar stretches for 4.5 km: from the low-rise district of Kestel, which lies in the valley and buried in gardens, to the low-rise district of Kargicak, framed by pine forests and low mountains. The Antalya-Mersin highway runs between the sea and residential areas of Mahmutlar, behind which there is a new promenade, reconstructed and expanded in 2020 with wide, pebbled beaches. Apartments of any price segment, located on the front line in Mahmutlar, have year-round rental potential, high sales dynamics and ultra-fast payback period (7-10 years). Therefore, housing on the first line is the best option to invest in, experts say.

Budget options

It is still possible to buy an apartment on the first line in Mahmutlar at a relatively low price as about a third of the coastal housing in this district in 2020 is old Turkish houses and 25+ year old luxury residential complexes with a minimum hotel infrastructure. Gradually, the new, ultra-modern development projects of the Plaza level crowd out the old ones: the best construction companies of the Anatolian region regularly (several times a year!) contact the residents of the first line. If all apartment owners of a project (at a meeting) agree to demolish their building, in return they receive new apartments in first-class projects. Construction companies for one and a half to two years (while the new construction is underway) undertake to pay residents the rental of temporary housing (in the summer 2020 it is 2,000 lira per month). One of the most common schemes for making quick money on real estate in Turkey is buying an old, scheduled for demolition, furnished apartment by the sea in Mahmutlar. For the first few years, you can rent out this apartment to tourists and then wait for the best offer from developers and exchange the old apartment for new housing of the Plaza level.

The minimum cost of budget apartments on the front line in Mahmutlar in 2020 is as follows 1+1 layouts - 40+ thousand euros; 2+1 layouts - 55+ thousand euros; 3+1 layouts - 60+ thousand euros.

Luxury apartments

About half of the city front-line development in Mahmutlar is luxury multi-storey residential projects. Most of them were built during the boom in real estate sales in Turkey (2005-2014), although there are also projects built in recent years. New properties on the first line are about 25-30 percent more expensive than secondary housing, although the residential complexes of the 2000s are characterized by excellent quality of construction and finishing already proven over the years as well as an increased area of apartments. For comparison, while in the newest complexes the average area of 2+1 apartments is 85-95 m2, in the complexes built in 2005-20014 the area is 120-130 m2.

Almost all luxury residential complexes on the first line have a landscaped, protected area with a tropical garden, outdoor swimming pools, as well as other recreation and spa facilities (a sauna, a gym, a hammam, a winter heated pool, massage rooms, cinema and game rooms, etc.). Many complexes have their own underground passage to the beach, some have their own beaches and even a pier from which you can swim in the sea.

The minimum cost of luxury apartments on the first line in Mahmutlar in 2020 looks as follows: 1+1 layouts - 60+ thousand euros; 2+1 layouts - 80+ thousand euros; 3+1 layouts - 90+ thousand euros.

Premium apartments

About a third of residential complexes built on the front line in Mahmutlar are relatively new (2014-2020) luxury multi-storey giant projects of the Plaza level with an extensive set of resort, professional sports and SPA facilities. These complexes offer their residents five-star comfort and stylish interiors and very often their own comfortable beach. The latest and most expensive materials and smart technologies are used in the construction and decoration of premium-class residential complexes and developers invite well-known Turkish or European architects and designers to work on the projects.

Despite the high cost of renting apartments in premium residential complexes, they are in year-round demand (mainly among Europeans or residents of the Middle East). As a rule, elite developers offer residents a full range of apartment management services: they regularly advertise properties, rent out, manage check-ins and check-outs, monitor the condition of housing, pay for utilities, fix household and air conditioning equipment, etc. Having bought a front-line elite-class apartment in Mahmutlar, you can immediately entrust its management to the property management company and receive passive rental income without any fuss.

The minimum cost of elite class apartments on the first line in Mahmutlar in 2020: 1+1 layouts - 110+ thousand euros; 2+1layouts - 200+ thousand euros; 3+1layouts - 250+ thousand euros.

Villas and townhouses

If you are looking for a front-line detached villa or an option in the villa and townhouse projects in Mahmutlar, then you will be quite disappointed as there are no such options in this district. The options that you may consider here are penthouses in apartment buildings. Another solution can be consider other districts. The closest locations to Mahmutlar where there are front-line detached villas are Demirtas (starts 6 km from Mahmutlar towards Gazipasa), the beginning of the Kestel district (3.5 km from Mahmutlar towards Antalya).

квартира у моря

Pros and cons of buying apartments in Turkey on the front line of the Mediterranean Sea

The main advantage of buying an apartment on the front line is the breathtaking sea views. Front-line housing options in Mahmutlar and other districts of Alanya offer magnificent sea views from the balcony and from the windows (for residents of panoramic apartments) or from the territory of the complex (for residents of apartments facing the mountains, city quarters or the territory of the complex ). Apartments in Mahmutlar with sea views are the most expensive and are sold out very fast. The second obvious advantage of a front-line apartment in Turkey is the proximity to beaches and promenades. It is a perfect holiday option, which can work as a holiday rental as well.

The disadvantage of buying a front-line home is also associated with the sea. The rainy season begins in November in the Anatolian region in Turkey and lasts until April. During the high season, the Mediterranean Sea is almost always gentle and calm, as holidaymakers in Mahmutlar know it in spring, summer and autumn. However, from November to April, the sea changes dramatically: a depression of low atmospheric pressure is established over the Mediterranean, this entails unstable weather with thunderstorms, showers and storms. In the low season, the wave height on the Mahmutlar coast reaches six to eight meters. The waves sweep away all the infrastructure on the beaches and sometimes may reach the embankment and the highway! Therefore, it is damp and humid in front-line apartments in the low season, residential complexes close to the sea often require repair of the facade and internal premises, which are damaged by dampness.

Apartments in Mahmutlar on the second or third line of the sea

A big plus of Mahmutlar's urban development is that almost all of it is within walking distance to the beaches, at a distance of 250-650 m from the Mediterranean coast. In the distance, at the foot of the picturesque Taurus Mountains, among the emerald-green banana plantations and picturesque rural farmlands, there are only rare multi-apartment luxury and premium projects (mostly new), gated villa complexes and detached houses with a garden.

Located 200 meters from the beach, the second line in Mahmutlar is the central street named after Barbarossa (Hayrettdin Barbarossa, an Ottoman corsair who lived in the 15th century). The third line is Ataturk prospect located 500-600 meters from the beach. The entire centre of the Mahmutlar is concentrated on three coastlines like on three whales. Among other advantages of apartments for sale in Mahmutlar is the developed urban infrastructure, which family life with children is extremely convenient. For the fourth year in a row in Alanya, the mayor's office continue implementing the "Park in every neighborhood" program. As part of the program, new landscaped parks and green areas with benches, picnic gazebos, workout equipment and playgrounds are being opened in different areas of the city. In Mahmutlar, in recent years, within the framework of this program, more than a dozen of such locations have been opened: green, beautiful, modern and extremely convenient for spending time with children, working out and doing other sports. In addition, in just a couple of years in Mahmutlar, two major problems, that the residents of the area complained about, were resolved: bad roads and lack of public transport.

The minimum cost of budget apartments on 2-3 sea lines in Mahmutlar in 2020 is as follows: 1+1 layouts - 32+ thousand euros; 2+1 layouts - 38+ thousand euros; 3+1 layouts - 45+ thousand euros.

The minimum cost of luxury apartments on 2-3 sea lines in Mahmutlar in 2020 looks as follows: 1+1 layouts - 40+ thousand euros; 2+1layouts - 55+ thousand euros; 3+1 layouts - 58+ thousand euros.

The minimum cost of elite-class apartments on 2-3 sea lines in Mahmutlar in 2020 is 1+1layouts - 60+ thousand euros; 2+1 layouts - 85+ thousand euros; 3+1layouts - 160+ thousand euros.

Properties for sale in the suburbs of Mahmutlar: apartments, villas, townhouses

At 500-650 meters from the seashore, the main urban development of Mahmutlar ends and the countryside begins: with greenhouses, banana plantations, orange and avocado groves, gradually turning into the picturesque foothills of the Taurus Mountains. Housing, which foreigners buy, is a bit away from the sea in the countryside - apartments in rare residential complexes (luxury and premium segment) as well as villas and apartments in numerous gated low-rise villages.

The minimum cost of luxury apartments in multi-apartment complexes at the foothills: 1+1 layouts - 38+ thousand euros; 2+1layouts - 45+ thousand euros; 3+1 layouts - 52+ thousand euros. The minimum cost of premium apartments: 1+1 layouts - 60+ euros; 2+1 - 90+ thousand euros; 3+1 - 100+ thousand euros.

Luxury villa complexes are located in gated areas with tropical gardens, swimming pools, parking and other outdoor facilities. The complexes are connected with the center of Mahmutlar and the beach with the motorway so that it takes 5-10 minutes to get there by car. The farther it is from the sea, the higher the villa complexes are. Therefore, as a rule, they offer impressive panoramic views of the sea and the coast, and the air temperature in summer is 3-5 degrees lower than in the center of Mahmutlar.

The minimum cost of apartments or townhouses in low-rise luxury villa complexes: 2+1 layouts - 60+ thousand euros; 3+1 layouts - 75+ thousand euros. The minimum cost of luxury villas (3-4 bedrooms) in the foothills of Mahmutlar is 110+ thousand euros. The minimum cost of premium villas (3-4 bedrooms) is 230+ thousand euros.

недвижимость Турция

Pros and cons of buying a home in the countryside

In the high season, 300-400 thousand tourists can simultaneously visit Mahmutlar, which is ten times more than the permanent population of the district. It is quite difficult to escape the seasonal crowds and noise on the streets and beaches in Mahmutlar. Therefore, those who are looking for some privacy should consider housing away from the sea. Settling closer to the mountains, on a hill is ideal for those who prefer silence and deserted spaces, but also for those who do not tolerate the humid and hot Turkish summer. The foothill and mountainous areas of the Anatolian coast are well blown by winds, so even in the summer heat, the air here is less humid and hot, and the temperature is several degrees lower than on the coast.

The only disadvantage of living in a suburban residential complex or villa is the remoteness of the necessary city infrastructure: shops, ATMs, pharmacies, cafes, etc. Choosing the countryside life, you should consider having your own car.

Why is it profitable to invest in apartments in Mahmutlar?

Turkey is experiencing a sharp spike in house prices in 2020, driven by the mortgage campaign. The highest price growth rate is observed in the province of Antalya: while on average in Turkey in the first seven months of 2020 apartments rose in price by 19.5 percent, in the Anatolian region - by 30.67 percent. Antalya (the city itself and the nearest resorts and villages) is rapidly developing. Over the past four years, despite the Russian-Turkish plane crisis, the conflict between Turkey and Germany, the pandemic and other problems affecting the tourism industry, apartments in Antalya province have been rising in price. The average cost per square meter in Antalya province in 2020 is 2,825 liras (325 euros), and the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is 347,475 liras (about 40 thousand euros). The return on investment for apartments in Antalya is 17 years. Mahmutlar, with its new resort development projects aimed at foreign investors, with a modern international airport just 30 kilometers away, offers today the most attractive prices for luxury housing in this region. Therefore, more and more foreigners planning to buy an apartment in Turkey prefer Mahmutlar to Antalya, Kemer, Side and the central districts of Alanya.

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