Educational Institutions in Northern Cyprus. Where to Buy Property with Convenient School Access?

Educational Institutions in Northern Cyprus. Where to Buy Property with Convenient School Access?

Many families looking to buy property in Northern Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or TRNC) are raising children who need to learn English and other subjects. That’s why buying a home in those municipalities with educational institutions is a highly topical issue. We have prepared for you a list of international schools in Northern Cyprus and answered frequently asked questions about children’s education in this state.


— I want to move to Northern Cyprus. Can my child be educated in English?

There are several excellent and affordable private international schools in Northern Cyprus that offer English as the language of instruction. Primarily, you should consider Kyrenia District. More and more families from overseas are moving to the TRNC to give their children a high-level education at reasonable prices. Most of the schools are day ones, but there are also a few boarding schools in Kyrenia.

— How will my child get to school in Northern Cyprus?

The process of choosing property in Turkey and the TRNC is slightly different for families with children. Development projects in Turkey are normally built near schools. Things are a little different in Northern Cyprus. The first piece of advice we give to families opting for the TRNC is to decide which school their children will go to before they choose where to buy a home. The reason is that in Kyrenia, traffic from east to west is very dense during rush hour. Also, schools on the west side do not send buses to the east side and vice versa. Therefore, you need to decide in advance whether you want to live in the west or the east. Contact individual schools directly to learn about their bus routes—you will find contact details for all schools below.

— Where are private international schools located in Northern Cyprus?

Private international English-speaking schools in Cyprus are mainly located in Kyrenia (Girne). It is worth considering Bellapais (The English School of Kyrenia) and Alsancak (Necat British College). There are also schools in Lefkoşa, such as The American College.

— I’m moving to Northern Cyprus. Will my child benefit from learning Turkish?

If you are moving to Northern Cyprus with a small child, it is worth considering sending them to one of the Turkish schools, whether private or public. Soon your children will be fluent in Turkish while having English lessons at school and practicing it at home. This will enable them to find a job in Northern Cyprus after graduation. It should be borne in mind that children will learn Turkish in English-speaking schools as well. For example, at Necat British College, studying Turkish is compulsory.

— What exams and programmes do international schools in Northern Cyprus offer?

You should contact each school directly to request their exams and programmes. In general, Northern Cyprus has International Baccalaureate (IB), IGCSE, British GCSE, AS and A Level programmes. Sometimes the same school offers exams on more than one system (as at The English School of Kyrenia). TESOL is also available for those who wish to choose this programme.

— How is the English language standard regulated in Northern Cyprus?

Although all schools are private institutions, they are still supervised by the Northern Cyprus Ministry of National Education and Culture to ensure that local and international standards are met. The best way to assess the standard is to contact schools directly for details on their latest exam results.

— What are the conditions in English-speaking schools in Northern Cyprus?

School infrastructure is outstanding and includes indoor swimming pools, theatres, excellent science, music facilities, and much more.

— Do private schools in Northern Cyprus have the same schedule and term lengths as local schools?

Private international English-speaking schools in Northern Cyprus, in accordance with UK educational standards, have both a longer school day and longer academic terms than public schools. The school day in public schools and colleges usually starts at 8:30 am and ends at lunchtime three days a week, and at 3:30 pm or 4:00 pm on the other days. In private schools, any school day ends between 3:30 and 4:30 pm, while many extracurricular activities are additionally available. Schools and colleges usually take a break for the summer holidays, starting in mid-June and continuing until early September.

Educational Institutions in Northern Cyprus. Where to Buy Property with Convenient School Access?

List of private international schools in Northern Cyprus

Here is the list of private international schools and colleges you can contact that provide preschool and school education for English-speaking students relocating to Northern Cyprus.

The English School of Kyrenia, Bellapais

This school offers mainly daytime classes, but also has boarding for a limited number of students whose parents live abroad. This is a modern educational institution with a campus for children of both sexes aged 2 to 18. Students from different countries attend the school. The large campus includes an indoor heated swimming pool, a gym, music rooms, four science labs, a library, a theatre, an amphitheatre, an indoor sports hall, and a café.

Up to and including Year 1, the school follows the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage programme. The Cambridge International Primary curriculum is used for teaching English and science. Mathematics is taught based on the pioneering Singaporean Mastery system, which enables children to easily master the exact science. Other subjects are taught according to UK standards. In Years 7 to 9, the UK National Curriculum is used, while students in Years 10 and 11 follow the IGCSE programme and usually take nine subjects. In Years 12 and 13, students are given the choice to study either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Phone: +90 392 444 0375


Necat British College, Alsancak (Kyrenia) and Lefkoşa (Nicosia)

Necat British College has branches in Alsancak on the west side of Kyrenia and also in Nicosia (Lefkoşa). The college includes a preschool, primary, middle, and high schools.

Early years follow the English Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Primary School offers a balanced education through topic-based learning based on the English National Curriculum. Middle School (ages 11 to 14) provides preparation for IGCSE, AS and A Level exams, as well as BTEC qualifications in a wide range of subjects. Students aged 14 to 18 take the GCSE and IGCSE exams, continuing to study A Level or BTEC programmes.

Necat British College links its secondary education to the requirements for a Lise state high school diploma. All students must complete a programme set by the Ministry of National Education in order to graduate from high school with a Lise Diploma. It includes English, mathematics, Turkish, physical education, and Cyprus history. This curriculum is complemented by a number of other GCSE and IGCSE subjects. In total, students can take a maximum of nine GCSE and IGCSE subjects.

Phone: +90 392 821 20 11/+90 548 888 0622


The American College North Cyprus, Girne (Kyrenia) and Lefkoşa (Nicosia)

GAU Group of Schools offers education in Northern Cyprus to children aged from 1.5 to 18 years old. Students follow a British-based and a national (MEB) curriculum. The college offers KET, PET, IELTS, IGCSE, and AS/A-Level programmes.

The schools are located both on the west side of Kyrenia (Girne) and in Nicosia (Lefkoşa). Facilities include fully functional multimedia, Internet-connected computer labs, science labs, a music hall, art and dance studios, basketball and tennis courts, indoor and outdoor sports halls, and swimming pools in addition to standard classrooms.

Phones: +90 (0) 392 650 23 23 (Nursery Elementary), +90 (0) 392 650 22 20 (College)

Educational Institutions in Northern Cyprus. Where to Buy Property with Convenient School Access?

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