Checkmekey is gaining popularity and is rapidly becoming more expensive

Checkmekey is gaining popularity and is rapidly becoming more expensive

One of the districts of Istanbul province – Chekmekey – is becoming more and more in demand in terms of purchasing residential real estate. At the moment, there are no apartments cheaper than 700,000 Turkish lira (TL). 


According to the statistics of EVA Real Estate Appraisal analysts, the most popular neighborhoods are now Alemdag, Tashdelen and their surroundings.


Residential real estate in Chekmekey, as the realtors specify, does not stay in the sale announcements for a long time: it finds a new owner no later than three months later. At the moment, there are about 10,000 lots for sale in the district. Over the past year or so, real estate in Chekmekey has risen in price by 100%.


As for the spread of prices by formats, 1+1 will cost the buyer in the range of 0.7-4 million TL, and the rent in the same segment reaches 10,000 TL per month. Prices for 2 +1 range from 0.8 to 8 million TL, rent – from 4,000 to 15,000 TL per month; 3+1 – from 1 to 15 million TL for sale and from 4,000 to 35,000 TL for rent. 


Branded residences are even more expensive, despite the fact that they are also more in demand. In the segment of branded housing, the minimum lot will cost from 2 million TL, the rent is at least 6,000 TL per month. 


Tasdelen and the surrounding area are the «pioneers» of branded residential real estate in Chekmekey: the DAP Ormanköy and Emlak Konut Çınarköy projects are currently being implemented right here.


Although the development center of Chekmekey has already moved to the districts of Alemdag and its surroundings: more than 50% of the new housing supply falls on this territory. Tashdelen and its surroundings are the second most densely populated in the territory of Chekmekey.


Next year, an increase in the supply of residential real estate is expected here.


We recently told you that housing in Umranie has risen in price due to the development of transport infrastructure. 


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