Turkish law on foreigners and international protection

Turkish law on foreigners and international protection

The migration policy in Turkey is regulated by the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, which was adopted on April 04, 2013.

This law covers the following topics:

  • crossing the state border of Turkey by foreigners (document requirements for passport, visa and residence permit);
  • terms and conditions of visa and visa-free staying in the country, documents required for getting visa (insurance, bank account statement, etc.);
  • conditions of the shot-term staying for getting a residence permit for education, treatment, work and humanitarian purposes;
  • conditions of residence for stateless persons;
  • terms on getting a permanent residence permit;
  • status of persons who are internationally and temporary protected, their employment and state financial support;
  • citizens subject to deportation, terms of challenging this decision, restriction of the right to enter the country.

Besides the issues of the foreigners' legal status and residence terms in Turkey, this law contains the information on the authorities, which regulate the migration policy in the country.

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