What is "aidat"?

What is "aidat"?

When buying real estate in Turkey, it is important to consider not only its overall cost, but the price of its future maintenance as well. Aidat is a monthly maintenance fee in Turkish and it is governed by the law of condominiums. According to this law, only General Assembly of homeowners is to set the size of aidat. The board of the residential complex is selected by General Assembly. The board members will monitor collection and spending of money.

In usual Turkish house the most enterprising residents are elected. But if most of the owners do not live there permanently, the Assembly invites an independent manager or signs a contract with the management company. In case your neighbors are Turks, the manager will report literally every single spent lira. Most developers offer to manage their own built complex, providing after-sales service.

For many people it is not a problem to pay annually large sums of money for the maintenance of real estate. But if you want to save, then consider the facts affecting the increase of the final amount of aidat:

1. management company;

If you and your neighbors are not going to manage the complex on your own, you will have to hire a management company, which must pay salaries to its employees.

2. Wide facilities structure.

The more employees are working in the complex, the more you pay.


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