Top 15 must-see places in Turkey

Top 15 must-see places in Turkey

If you are planning a trip to Turkey, it is not enough to visit only one place in order to learn the country. Turkey itself is a mixture of different historical periods and religions and a comfortable climate is combined with picturesque landscapes.

So, we decided to make our own list of the most interesting places to visit in Turkey. And there were so many places to choose that we decided to make several TOP lists. Here is the result of our work.


1. Blue Lagoon Oludeniz. This place will fascinate you with the seawater of all shades of turquoise and aquamarine. It is one of the most photographed beaches of the Mediterranean. This place is also known as the Dead Sea because the waters are calm even when there is a storm.

2. Duden Waterfalls are the best place where you can see the rainbow all the time. And don't miss the chance to get a thrilling experience by walking behind the waterfall's cascade. By the way, it is the biggest waterfall, which flows into the sea.

3. National nature reserve Kursunlu. When you enter the reserve, you feel like in a fairy tale. Narrow and twisting paths, wild forest, wooden walkways, an emerald green lake and a waterfall make this place special.


We didn't include Istanbul in this list on purpose because it is one of the most visited cities of the country. And here are our three must-visit places.

1. Kaleici. On the territory of this Old town, which area is only 35 hectares, there are architectural monuments of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Walk along the narrow streets of Kaleici and discover the ancient world, which is more than one thousand years.


2. Cappadocia. The phrase “to dive into the centuries” should be taken literally when you say it about Cappadocia because the historical towns of the area are located underground and some tunnels are 10-13 meters long. The center of Cappadocia Gereme is a real treasure for those who are fond of ancients. Here you can find about 400 churches with perfectly preserved murals.

3. Mardin. This place will be interesting for people who are passionate about the evidences of the past. This place will impress you with its cave houses and the ancient indoor bazar… It may seem that the time has stopped here but you can still hear Aramaic during the church services in Saffron Monastery.


1. The Prince's Islands. It is a place where the princes and other members of Royal families of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were expelled and had to live there until their death. You will find a lot of old churches, mosques, and monasteries dating back to the sixth century. It is a very peaceful and quiet place as there is no traffic on the islands.

2. The Monastery of Mother God of the Black Mountain. This monastery is situated in the cliff 1200 meters above the sea. It was built in the fourth century. Unfortunately, the frescoes of the Monastery were seriously damaged by vandalism. Here you will see praying monks. And there is also a belief that the water from the spring in the Monastery will help to fulfill your wish. It was closed for public for a year in September 2015 for restoration works.

The Monastery of Mother God of the Black Mountain

3. Demre. This holy Turkish site is a home for Noel Baba, Turkish Santa Claus. Actually, it is Saint Nikolaos or Nikolaos the wonderworker, the priest that helped the poor in Turkey.


1. Alacati is a small village with perfect location for surfing, windsurfing and kiting.


2. Kash is the ruins of ancient Likia which sank into the water and attract numerous tourists and divers. In addition to the water activities, this place can offer you various inland activities. Bike tours and walking tours along the canyons, night parties and restaurants make this place popular among the tourists.  

3. Paladonken is a perfect spot for mountain skiing. Here you can even meet members of Turkish national skiing team.


1. The fire rocks Chimera or Yanartas attracts people by its mystery. A lot of many little fires burn constantly from vents in the rocks of the mountain. We advise you to visit this place at night when the flames are the most spectacular.

The fire rocks Chimera

2. Pamukkale is a natural site which includes 17 thermal springs. The famous terraces of carbonate minerals are not only popular attraction but also a positive effect on your health.

3. Mount Nemrut is one more mysterious site in Turkey. This place is visited by numerous tourists. On the pick of this mount you will find the royal tomb which is surrounded by large statues. Some of the statues were destroyed by the earthquake.

As you see, there are plenty of places to visit in this incredibly hospitable country. To truly learn the country and its beauty you probably have to live here. Check out our property offers and we are sure you will find your dream home in Turkey.

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