Car rental in Turkey: the whole country is at your feet!

Car rental in Turkey: the whole country is at your feet!

Having your own car, you can feel maximum comfort and freedom of movement. You don't have to learn the bus schedule, wait for a bus at the bus stop. Having a car will be very useful that is why we recommend our tourists to rent it.

It is true that buses in Turkey operate according to a strictly controlled schedule. However, during the high season you have to book tickets in advance that can be rather inconvenient. That is one more reason to rent a car.

Renting a car will be a real saving for those who are going to explore the country on their own without help of any tour guides. The most interesting cultural and historical attractions are quite away from each other. For example, you can rent a property in one of Turkey’s resorts and also rent a car. And after that you are only to decide where to go. It is a real pleasure to discover Turkey by driving a car.


The prices of car rental are affordable for almost all tourists. It will cost you about 60 TRL a day. This price includes petrol costs, insurance and parking. The fees and road taxes are also included. You can pay both with cash or with a card.

However, some big transport companies offer prices like 75 or even 100 TRL per day providing technical assistance on the road. It means that the specialists will be able to help you immediately in case of emergency. The offices of these companies can be found throughout the country.

To avoid troubles, it is better to rent a car through the hotel or in a big car rental center. The service costs of German companies are lower and the quality of service is always high.


You are to be over 21 years old to rent a car and your driving licenses – not less than a year. But sometimes mini-cars can be rented out to persons who reached the age of 19.

You will need a passport or its copy and your driving licenses to rent a car. Keep in mind that your documents should be never left as a security deposit, providing of your personal data is enough. The security deposit can be a sum of money. Usually it is about 500 dollars.


To travel short distances, small cars of European and Asian manufacturers are offered. They have a manual transmission and the additional options can be a radio. Although, these cars are five-seat, it will be comfortable only for two adults, one child and luggage.

If you are going to have a long trip, you'd better rent an offroader 4x4. Nor poor weather conditions, nor lack of roads won't be problem for you when driving such car. Be sure to see the most beautiful places of Turkey while travelling in comfort.

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