What IKAMET is and why you need it

What IKAMET is and why you need it

IKAMET is an identification document of a foreigner who is living in Turkey. In other words, it is a kind of a residence permit, which you must have if you want to stay in Turkey for more than three months. For example, when you rent a property in Turkey.

To get IKAMET you don't have to learn Turkish or register in the police every month. It is valid one year. IKAMET is a plastic card, which is given for six months or for a year when you extend your visa. 

It is rather easy to get it. The purpose can be tourism, studies, work and buying a property, marriage to Turkish citizen or sailing on the yacht in the country's waters and many more.

You can get IKAMET in a special police department Yabanci Subesi. You don't have to go back to your country, you can do it in Turkey. The only thing you need is to contact the police station of the main city of the region you live in.

To get simple touristic IKAMET you need the following documents:

  • an application form;
  • passport and its copy;
  • 4 photos (4x5 сm);
  • a rental agreement or a contract for buying property in Turkey;
  • one-year Turkish medical insurance;
  • You need a tax number which you can get in the nearest state office.
  • proof of funds. It can be a statement of account in Turkish bank (about 500 dollars per month).

After the police accept your documents you are given a receipt proving the payment of the state fee and making a plastic card. The whole procedure takes about two weeks but sometimes even two months.

The first half-year IKAMET will cost about 300 dollars for adults and 250 dollars for children. The extension of the document will be cheaper and it will be valid for a year. So, you will need to pay 1680 dollars to get residence permit for a family of 4 persons including translation services.

You should also remember that you must obtain a new IKAMET if you move to another place.

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