Owners are moving to their country houses to make money on leasing city homes

Owners are moving to their country houses to make money on leasing city homes

A sharp surge of the rent encouraged many owners of summer houses to review their priorities. Summer houses in Turkey are owned by many families with medium and above-medium income; these properties are comfortable enough to live there all year round. It’s just that they are usually located on the seaside and simpler furnished, etc.

So now, when leasing your city home even for one season can generate very good returns, many owners decide to take their families to the country house on a permanent basis and lease out their apartments (where they used to spend most of the year) for a long time, or, vice versa, furnish their country houses for permanent residence and rent them out in the long term. The former option is more frequent.

Summer houses that used to be inhabited only a few months of the year and vacant throughout the rest of it are now occupied all year round.

Buyers of housing are also trying to find something farther from the megalopolis with its bustling crowds. For instance, investors in land in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest megalopolis, are beginning to target Tekirdağ, with its far lower prices and the location which is even more advantageous for people whose jobs require their permanent presence in this economic hub. The number of real estate transactions in Tekirdağ was 13,399 in the first half of the last year and grew to 23,094 in the same period (January through June) of 2022 – a 72.4% growth. People are buying land in Tekirdağ, some of it for development.

Real estate agents warn tenants about the risks of carelessly renting homes from non-trustworthy people or with roommates, as fraud has unfortunately become more common.

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