On 26 February 2021, a tender will be held in Turkey for the right to implement Kartepe Teleferik- the cable car in Kocaeli. Tender organizer is the local municipality. The project is considered very promising; it is expected to contribute to Kocaeli transport structure development.

The planned length of the cableway which will stretch between Derbent and the Kuzu plateau is 4695 meters. The cableway will run 73 cabins, each with a capacity of 10 people. The height difference will be 90 m (from 331 to 1421 meters above sea level), the estimated capacity of the future Kartepe Teleferik is 1500 people per hour. The planned duration of the one-way trip is 14 minutes.

Few cable cars in Turkey are very popular and invariably serve as a "point of attraction" for tourists, so they continue to be built. The most famous is the Olimpos Teleferik, which takes passengers up the Tahtalı mountain. Cable car is one of the most popular attractions in Kemer: it is one of the longest in Europe and the second longest in the world (4350 meters). The difference in height is 1639 meters, the ascent or descent takes 10 minutes. Though, it has a disadvantage: several dozen people are packed into the booth, and the trip itself is very expensive.

Moreover, Turkey lovers and locals are familiar with the cable car to Mount Tünektepe in Antalya (Tünektepe Teleferik) which has 36 cabins, each for 8 people. There is also a cable car in Alanya which will take you to the famous Alanian fortress.

Skiers use cable car in Bursa with might and main going to a ski resort Uludağ. It is famous for being one of the oldest cable cars in Turkey opened back in 1963. In 2014, it was closed for more than two years of reconstruction. The length of the route is 9 km, and the trip is a full-fledged excursion: more than 10 minutes of fantastic mountain landscapes observation.

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