Öz Aygün Construction

Öz Aygün Construction
Founded in 1987
Completed projects:8 properties
Ongoing projects:1 property

Our company started its career as Aygün Construction in 1987 and got the name Öz Aygün

Construction after becoming a company in 2005. After its successful projects in Sakarya and

Alanya, turned the direction to Istanbul and started to give life to new projects there. Öz Aygün

Our construction is based on quality and the basic principle is customer centered satisfaction. This principle has led to the respect in the construction business.

With 25 years of experience, Öz Aygün Construction will continue to provide safe living areas and new projects will give joy and happiness to people.


To become a brand by getting at the forefront of following functions: to be open-minded, forward-looking, the principle objective to meet the expectations of each sector, in order to steady growth, technology, quality and service.


  • Customer satisfaction, quality production and create a livable environment.
  • Being open to new construction technologies, following them and considering constantly refreshing.
  • Fulfill the obligation of any kind against the law.
  • Be transparent in all aspects.
  • To have a culture of its own.
  • At every stage of our project; to uphold and respect the environment, to be sensitive about preventing pollution and to take applicable preventative measures and to reduce the negative effects to the least level in terms of environment.
Tosmur mah. İsmail Özdemir Cd. No:13
Libadiye Cd. Özbirlik Sk. Akgün Apt. D:2 Üsküdar / İstanbul
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