Our goal

Our goal is to help our customers find the best property solutions in Turkey and make the process of buying an overseas property as smooth as possible. Turk.Estate is passionate about making broker services transparent both for our customers and for partners.

What we value
Protection of our customer’s interests during the property transaction in Turkey.
Ensuring the most suitable property option, therefore we offer our customers several partners, who will help them find their dream home or perfect investment property.
Building an effective long-term relationship with customers and partners.
Ensuring the best prices, the same ones when you work with a seller directly. And in some cases we may help get an additional discount.
We provide professional ethics when working with customers and partners.
We ensure complete transparency of every property transaction and take part at every stage of the buying process.
Open information exchange, which allows us to know all the partners that offer you property options as well as it allows our partners to work with our customers more effectively.
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