For partners

We get hundreds of leads every month. There are two ways of working with us. The first option is when you post your property listings on our website and you get enquiries directly (in this case an enquiry concerns a certain property listing).

The second option is when we provide you with customers who have contacted our team. We carry out a preliminary consultation, clarify customer's requirements, their budget and other details so that you will be able to offer them the most suitable options straight away.

We cooperate with partners on the basis of division of the commission fee from a property transaction and guarantee complete transparency for the participants.

Why over 100 companies cooperate with us
Not only we provide our partners with leads, but we bring you customers who really want to buy a property.
We contact customers to specify what they are looking for so that we can provide you with detailed information on the customer's preferences.
Together with our partners, we help our customers make the right choice.
We collect feedback from our customers and help to build a better customer experience.
Every month we carry out a property market analysis and share the latest information with our customers and partners.

We will be glad to cooperate and bring you more sales!